Saturday, 7 December 2013

315: Aglio Olio Scallops and Shrimps!

Alkisahnya, cubaan pertama kali masak scallops sebab selalu sangat nampak hidangan scallops dalam siri "Master Chef", maka terhasillah resepi "Aglio Olio ala Pae" with scallops and shrimps. Scallops were bought at Jusco/AEON at RM21 per pack. Inside the pack, there were about less than 10 nos. Fuh, not cheap though, nasib baik sedap :p

Resepi yang simple dimple, boleh adjust ikut selera masing-masing:

Garlic (chopped)
Olive oil
Chicken stock
Coriander leaves/ parsley

1. Cook spaghetti over boiled water for about 15 minutes (depends on the cooking time as mentioned on the packaging) .Toskan dan biarkan seketika.
Tips: I think you know right?..to avoid them from sticking onto each other, make sure you wash them under cold water (tap running water will do) after you take them off from the hot water.
2. Goreng udang dan scallops sampai separuh masak. Guna butter untuk menggoreng. Put aside. 
3. Tumis garlic menggunakan olive oil. Once they turned into golden colour, masukkan 1 kiub stok ayam yang telah dicairkan.
4. Masukkan spagetthi, daun parsley/ coriander yang dah dihiris halus, serbuk cili dan stir friedkan mereka.
5. Tabur oregano sebelum hidang.

Cepat dan mudah!! :D

Thursday, 14 November 2013

314: Mee Udang Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

Went to Tesco last night for our regular shopping and had Kluang Laksa (Laksa Johor) for dinner right after that. The taste was just average to me, not too bad not even so good neither but the Sarawak Laksa (that Ezal had) is maybe worth to try if we go there again. 
I mean, the food are okay, please note that I am not complaining here.

Okay, out of the blue it somehow reminded me of Mee Udang Tanjung Dawai. Tak tahulah tang mana perkaitan dia tu, tiba² dok teghingat.hehe...

Of course they're plenty of restaurants serving Mee Udang, but to be honest I never ate one before. So happen, the first try of it was Mee Udang Tanjung Dawai. Trust me when I say, it was so good and fulfilling, not to mention the huge prawns too, at only RM15! Bliss~
I wonder if any other Mee Udang would ever taste just like that one.
The downside of it, I can't go there quite often. So, introduce  me some good places where I can have a very good Mee Udang please (craving mode) :) :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

313: Soul Sisters

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.” 

~Muhammad Ali

Monday, 11 November 2013

312: Thomas and Friends' Party Story

This one I'm gonna write is a very long due post that was initially intended to be written somewhere in end of May. So please pardon me should the contents of this post would seems quite outdated to maybe some of you.

Well yes, the main point of me writing this is obviously to share on some infos. of the party planner behind Emir's candy buffet during his aqiqah and 1st Birthday celebration on 25th May 2013, other than my family in laws (thanks a lot to those who came and made our day ^___^)

Have you guys ever heard of 'Party Story'?

Yes, if you'd been following their page on Facebook, the pictures they have are quite self-explanatory. Hence, this is what I must say: if you are looking for a party or event planner to make your little ones birthday party going like a BOMB, please first.. LIKE the PartyStory Page on FB. By doing so, you won't miss any pictures of birthday event organized by them. (this is a bit awkward. Because I know particularly who is the lady behind PartyStory, I'm not quite sure to address it as her or them..ha-ha)

Next, all you have to do is throw them the idea of your birthday party concept; from Prince to Princess party, from Cars, Buses and Trains (haa, yang ni Emir dah chup), from Superheroes to Super pirates (ahoy!!) and whatnot. Then, put your trust on them, InshaAllah..everything next are rest assured. (of course good things come with a price tag, so don't forget to do some savings first..-ka ching!) But still, not that very pricey pricey lah, don't worry ;)

So, I'm gonna leave you with some pictures. If you think they are awesome, you know what to do next. Ohh, and here's the link:   PartyStory. In case you couldn't care less to google, this is the number you can whatsapp or sms or nak senang cerita, call terus!:D 

Party Story
Email: partystory@yahoo.com
Tel.no: 012-281 4052

Have I mentioned our theme?No, I haven't right?
It's Thomas and Friends everyone!! :))

They're two they're four they're six they're eight....ha-ha (the song keeps playing in my head)

And take a close look at the cake. Being baked and crafted to it's perfection by the meticulous and talented Marlynn's, I was  a super happy mommy to see it happening on our candy buffet table!;)

p/s: The close-up cake photos were taken from Marlynn's Facebook page. Credit to her ;)

Friday, 8 November 2013

311: Kway Teow Seafood Emir

Inspired by my colleague's healthy lunch box (which was supposed to be a vegetarian meal), I came up with a simple dimple recipe "Kway Teow (flat rice noodles) Seafood Emir" lol.
Here it goes:

Servings: Two pax
Kway Teow (2 pek)
Spinach (leaves only)
Olive oil
Chicken stock (half cube)
Sesame seeds
Garlic (chopped)
Tuna flakes in oil (1 can)
Chilli flakes
Spring onions (dihiris)

1. Rebus kway teow dan bayam separately for about four minutes. Then, put aside.
2. Bijan digoreng tanpa minyak until golden brown, put aside.
3. Tumis garlic menggunakan oilve oil sehingga naik bau. Tuangkan chicken stock yang dah dicairkan dengan sedikit air. Masukkan shrimps, tuna, bijan dan gaulkan sehingga udang masak. Next, put in kway teow, chilli flakes and  spring onions. Gaul rata.
4. Hidang atas pinggan. Finally, letakkan topping bayam tadi. Siap!! :))

p/s: The recipe was named after Emir sebab both ayah dan anak suka makan sampaikan masak the same meal twice within a week. Nak bubuh nama Kway Teow Seafood Ezal Emir macam too overdo it plak, so  bubuh nama anak saje sudah :p

Thursday, 18 July 2013

310: Ramadan Mubarak!

It's already Ramadan and yet I haven't even write how's emir's aqiqah went off on last May 2013, though I was very very ambitious and super exicted to write about it after the day the event took place, I am still defeated by my own laziness in the end. Gosh, i really need a momentum to start blogging again!

Well for now,

Before I'm losing interest to write again, this is a recap of our Anniversary lunch treat which was also a 'postponed' event due to the loss of my husband's family member (arwah Mak Long) on 25 June 2013, a day before our Anniversary date. Few weeks after, followed by beloved late Mak Teh on 12 July 2013.

May Allah place those beautiful souls among the righteous in the Hereafter. Ameen...

Here it is,
Our anniversary date at Las Vacas! Getting merrier with this little man :p

Saturday, 18 May 2013

309: Mother's Day at Fullhouse Cafe

Oh here comes May.. we met once again, after the good one year, :)

What's so special about you May?

Well, a lot of things...not to mention all the days we have in this month, Voting Day, Mother's Day (which I'm going to tell you more right after this), Teacher's Day, Wedding Days (hehe...) and the most significant date in my life..no other than my son's birthday..Awww..=')

Macam sungguh-sungguh tak percaya..my little baby now is going 1!! (this shall be elaborated later after the aqiqah next week)

For the time being, before I missed to write more of the good things  happened recently, especially on the Mother's Day celebration (which I am now officially  celebrating it as a mother), I guess I better let all the pictures do the rest of the story telling part. 

Saja nak highlight the part of 'officially being a mom' because last year I was still have a baby bump when being celebrated for it.


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