Monday, 21 May 2012

246: Week 39

Dear child,

I'd been carrying you for 39 weeks now. What your daddy said is true enough ..that you like to stay in my womb until the real date is approaching. Did you hear it when the doctor said that you might be out on week 36++ when we did the scan the other day? When he measured your weight and you already about 2.8kg? I know you were listening, but perhaps, you just love to stay in there a little bit longer..in mom's tummy until you are ready to see the outside world. It's okay my dear, take your time..We've been attached for 9 months, it doesn't matter if we have to spend another few more weeks together. As long as you're healthy and happy.

Every now and then, I could feel your aggressive movement. Tell me, are you kicking inside there? Is that your tiny little feet or your elbow everytime it moves like a wave on mom's huge belly? ;)

Here, in our sweet home..we've set up everything for you. Your tiny clothes are waiting patiently since the past few months..for you to wear them, my little angel. Your crib with a smiling little pooh printed on the wood also waiting for so long to embrace a little baby inside it's cozy 'arms'.

Not only those stuff of yours, your grandpas and grandmas, your aunts, uncles, cousins..everybody is waiting for you. Mom's friends have started asking about you. They're all excited to know whether you've been born or not. 

When are you ready to meet us all? Can we set the date on this 27th for our first meet up? 
Mom and dad can't wait to see your chubby little feet fit into this :')

Love and hugs!


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