Saturday, 18 May 2013

309: Mother's Day at Fullhouse Cafe

Oh here comes May.. we met once again, after the good one year, :)

What's so special about you May?

Well, a lot of things...not to mention all the days we have in this month, Voting Day, Mother's Day (which I'm going to tell you more right after this), Teacher's Day, Wedding Days (hehe...) and the most significant date in my life..no other than my son's birthday..Awww..=')

Macam sungguh-sungguh tak percaya..my little baby now is going 1!! (this shall be elaborated later after the aqiqah next week)

For the time being, before I missed to write more of the good things  happened recently, especially on the Mother's Day celebration (which I am now officially  celebrating it as a mother), I guess I better let all the pictures do the rest of the story telling part. 

Saja nak highlight the part of 'officially being a mom' because last year I was still have a baby bump when being celebrated for it.


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