Thursday, 1 March 2012

227: His Birthday Surprise!

It was hubby's birthday once again..and this time we have few stages of celebrating it :p

First, we had a shared birthday celebration dinner of Ezal's and my sister-in-law's at Sakura Kristal, Taman Melawati. It was sort of an early celebration for him but a belated one for kak Nureza ..well, the thoughts that count anyway ;)

Later,on the birth day itself..
It was 15 minutes pass midnight of 22.2.2012. Ezal was already in his dreamland when I brought in the cake, wishing him Happy Birthday..Ohhh, I couldn't forget that face. He was sleeping like a baby when I forced him to wake up! ngeh ngeh...

Since 22nd Feb fell on weekdays, we decided to have a delayed birthday dinner on the coming Saturday at The Loaf, Pavilion. However, the dining experience at The Loaf Bistro was not reaching my expectations..as the food were not comparable to the great pastries, buns and all the irresistible cakes & tarts they have in their bakery section. 
These are the meals that we had. Meat Balls Pasta (RM 26.00), Salmon Oelek (RM 44.00), Lava Cake (RM 16.00) and the drinks that was truly didn't suit my tastebuds..Owwhh, I blame the waiter who recommended this drink to me--->Lemongrass Cooler (RM 10.00), Cube -60 (RM 10.00). However, thumbs up to the lava Cake..I think the dessert was the most delightful meal of them all..
Finally, the biggest birthday present ever for hubby's birthday this year. Is he ready to be a daddy? We'll figure out soon..


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