Thursday, 14 November 2013

314: Mee Udang Tanjung Dawai, Kedah

Went to Tesco last night for our regular shopping and had Kluang Laksa (Laksa Johor) for dinner right after that. The taste was just average to me, not too bad not even so good neither but the Sarawak Laksa (that Ezal had) is maybe worth to try if we go there again. 
I mean, the food are okay, please note that I am not complaining here.

Okay, out of the blue it somehow reminded me of Mee Udang Tanjung Dawai. Tak tahulah tang mana perkaitan dia tu, tiba² dok teghingat.hehe...

Of course they're plenty of restaurants serving Mee Udang, but to be honest I never ate one before. So happen, the first try of it was Mee Udang Tanjung Dawai. Trust me when I say, it was so good and fulfilling, not to mention the huge prawns too, at only RM15! Bliss~
I wonder if any other Mee Udang would ever taste just like that one.
The downside of it, I can't go there quite often. So, introduce  me some good places where I can have a very good Mee Udang please (craving mode) :) :)


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