Monday, 7 May 2012

240: Week 37

Alhamdulillah, I'm on my week 37 now.

So far, pregnancy has been good to me, though a little bit discomfort here and there..
I feel healthy most of the day but when the night comes, I have to bear with this gases that makes me burp like nobody's business (angin satu badan T_T). The hardest moment is going to bed. At this stage, all position doesn't seems right although most of the time I will sleep on my left side.

Sometimes, it took me an hour or two before I could really fall to sleep (like yesterday). Yup, it's quite hard like that. It would be my lucky night if I could straight away falling asleep after five minutes I lay my head on the pillow (like Ezal always do..sigh~). I missed those time of having a quality night sleep, not being suddenly awakened by a cramping leg pain,  the urgency to go to the toilet to pee or to spit out my overproducing saliva. Okay, maybe I shouldn't make a fuss about that anymore, it's only few more weeks to go anyway, right?;)

What else?...

Ooh ya, up till today, I've gained almost 12kg (that was counted since my week 8, when I discovered that I was pregnant). And my waist line (wait, do I still have a waist line? :p) is now more than 40". Haha, I measured my tummy by IKEA's  free measuring tape and both end does not meet each other. That's why I said that my tummy is now more than 40" !!  (Just so you know that the tape is only 100cm in length).

This is the happy pregnant lady with her healthy growing tummy. Ohhhh Cho-co-late..I put the blame on yuh!


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