Friday, 9 March 2012

228: Motherhood Expo, KLCC

I'm on my 29th weeks now which means another 76 days to go if I'm going to give birth during my 40th weeks on the dot. But most of people I know, they always gave birth earlier about two or three weeks  than their expected due date for their first child. To be on the safe side, I should have at least get my hospital bag ready in hubby's car by early May then.

Well yeah.. speaking of preparation, we're now in the middle of getting all the baby stuff based on my list according to their priority. I may not put my list here since there are lot of references that you could actually get from other websites. Just google :) Easy ..that's how today's technology makes our life less complicated. 

And thanks to the various maternity expo scheduled quite frequent these days. Some of you may have attended many times, but I had my first time experience attending such expo during the Motherhood Expo held at KLCC about 2 weeks ago and found it's quite worthy to attend another Maternity Expo at Mid Valley tomorrow. Since I'm already in my 3rd trimester now, spending so much hours standing and walking will put my leg in such a great cramps aftermath..:') So I guess Sunday would be my full rest day at home.

During the last expo in KLCC, we bought over some items for breastfeeding.(Yes, I'm planning to breastfeed my little one). Frankly, I haven't done any survey on breastfeeding products before I went there. I'm only familiar with few brands such as Philips Avent, Medela and Autumz, but not in detail in term of price etc. When I got there, I started to get confuse of which brands offer their best in overall considering of their performance and price. Of course some of the well-known brands are selling way more expensive than the rest but as I said earlier, I haven't done any research or asking around so I was like ..even you pick the expensive one, maybe you're  paying for their brand. 

So, why don't you give others a shot?;)

We were wandering around until we stopped at The FirstYears booth. Ezal was the first to discover that all the breastfeeding products were discounted to 30%. 

Finally we bought these..after some technical explanation and demo from the sales person, and the fact that the miPump Double Electric Breast Pump was the last piece and, and there was another lady standing next to me seems interested and keep asking the price to the other sales girl..and, and, and because of it's valuable price as to compare with the single electric breast pump which is also around RM300++ after discount, terus cepat2 beli. Plus it comes with a quite nice tote bag to store the whole set.

The original price was RM499.90 and we got it at RM350.00. The other stuff that we bought from this booth is the Breastflow starter set bottles. Earlier on, I was planning to buy the Avent Starter Set as once I saw in Groupon when they had this promotion of RM128.00 instead of it's original price RM189.00. But when we saw this set selling at RM55 (price after discount), and after looking at its patented 2-in-1 nipple that lets the baby control the flow of the milk that could reduces colic symptoms.. we grabbed this one without hesitation.

Do you want to know what does this set contains of?:
2- 5 oz bottles
2- 9 oz bottles
2- Breastflow slow flow nipples
2- Breastflow medium flow nipples
4- Milk Storage Lids
1- formula/ snack container with lid
1- soft bristle bottle & nipple brush

Isn't that real value for your money?;)
Check out more about this brand on the website: www.thefirstyears.com. As explained by the promoter, this brand is also available at Parkson and Jusco. But up till today, I haven't seen any Jusco outlet be it Jusco Maluri, Wangsa Maju, AU2 even Jusco Kepong selling this brand at their babies and children section. Maybe could find it at Parkson instead.

Looking forward for much more things to grab tomorrow (meaning to say, more spending). I promise, no more shopping after this. Fingers crossed -_-'


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