Wednesday, 25 April 2012

235: Week 34

Where did all the time go??It feels like I've just been in early 3rd trimester yesterday and now I'm already in my 34 going into 35 weeks..phew~ (feeling seram by now..)

Anyway, here are some updates about my pregnancy I wanted to share with.

In fact, I know where does all my time go within these few months..:p
I was busy with all the preparation to welcome our little bundle of joy in the next few weeks. The madness of preparing all the mom's and baby stuff is just as busy as we're preparing for our wedding in the past two years where our wedding took place on 26 June 2010  (uhmm, sweet memories)

And of our little boy, doctor has confirmed that my baby is in a good condition. Being a good boy who listened to mommy, he already turned his head downside, in the right position to engage. Obviously, that washed away all my worry about the breech reported by doctor when I did my 28weeks scan. Masa tu doctor cakap kena C-Sec lah..it was too early to judge kan? ;)

Through the black and white screen, I could see the tiny little heart beating fast, the rounded head, those little toes and fingers.. Ya Allah, comelnya..so small, so fragile. I just need to wait for few more weeks to touch and hold them in my arms :')

According to doctor, based on the condition of baby, adequate liquid and placenta's position, I could be delivering on my week 36. That would be within 2 weeks time. Is this for real? Macam tak percaya. To reconfirm, I again told him that my EDD is on 27th May. He said anything is possible..fuh, must get ready by now I guess.

And just for record..baby's weight  is currently about 2.8kg. I wonder what would be his  birth weight later on. Anyone could guess it right? :p
Enjoying our 'honeymoon' together to the fullest..lepas² ni karang adalah si kecik interframe skali dlm gambar.

Today we're going for The Loaf  Member's Day Sale at Pavilion. Come, come! it's a one day Sale only:D


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