Tuesday, 3 January 2012

218: Week 20

Like most others are doing, I am also taking this shot to make a new year wishes.

To some, year 2012 would be a turning point, which certainly will change our life with many things, in many ways. To us, being a new parent would be the biggest thing this year with the arrival of our little precious soon in May. Ohh, speaking of that, I could not imagine what and how the feeling might be. 

This Saturday, my pregnancy is going to turn to 20th week. Yes, I've hit the halfway mark throughout this journey!

To be honest, I'd start worrying on things like what am I going to go through in the labor room, imagining the pain that people always talking about,  where am I going to stay during confinement, how am I going to take care of my baby when I'm left alone with him/her..owhh, those kind of thought will linger in my head for another 5 months.

(Sigh~)Women, our thinking is complicated as that.

By the way, I had this amazing feeling that I wanted to share with. Last night, I could feel my baby moving actively, first time ever! Even Ezal could feel it when he put his palm on my lower tummy. I was so over the moon, feeling blessed to realize that all these while for the past five months, I had this cute little angel, none other than my own flesh and blood inside my womb.

Oopss, my baby is moving again. Maybe he knows that I'm talking about him ;)

Till then, let's embrace days ahead with love and gratitude.
Happy New Year!


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