Wednesday, 25 January 2012

222: Mothercare, KLCC

I am on my 22 weeks now. As the number of weeks increased, my number of wearable pants decreased. Haih~ I was so in need of buying at least a pair of new pants or else I'll keep rotating with limited nos. of pants: my low cut Levi's jeans, my high waist Seed's pleated pants, my blue Courtyard palazzo pants, the beige Elle pants, and the only maternity black Scarlet pants which I bought few months back but still a bit loose on me. So, how many of that alltogether? 5 nos. Just enough for a week wear to office. Don't mention Baju kurung. All of them already 'shrink' (only) at the waist part..hheee, except for one kebaya which the sarong is quite low waist :p.

Without a clear plan in mind last Saturday, we headed to KLCC to have a coffee time at San Fran. Coffee. Before that, we visited the refurbished Isetan, which I was lost at the first place when I couldn't find Sun Moulin Bakery at it's usual place, Level 3. Hoho, it (supermarket and bakery) has been transferred to the lowest ground indeed. That means, Isetan now occupied every floor from the Concourse level up towards the 4th floor. 

After the 'extreme mocha' moment, we went around and found Mothercare at the extended wing (Ramlee Mall side). If I'm not mistaken, previously it was located at Ampang Mall wing, just next to Watson. The good thing is, the new shop is waaayyyy bigger than the previous lot and some stuff are on sale up to 50% !!

Oo btw...I started shopping for my baby since the past few weeks...errr, ok, frankly the past few months ;) The first romper suit was bought when I don't even know my baby's gender yet..I was too excited, who doesn't? :p.

Here are some of the stuff that I bought from Mothercare and some are bought online from Kidz Appear Shoppe. For myself, I bought a pair of maternity jeans with a removable waist band which can be removed later after pregnancy. It's very comfortable and the jersey band felt really soft on my stomach.. that it doesn't grip too much and it feel just great!!
Finally, as we made our way out from the extended new wing.. I just stopped by at this very cute set up outside Charlie Brown Cafe..don't you love the decoration too? ;)


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