Saturday, 29 October 2011

214: Week 10

On my 10 weeks of pregnancy and still (sort of) not believing  that I"m actually having about 1.68 inches/ 42mm little baby at this point of time. Physically, my tummy has not yet showing any baby bumps. Well of course it won't be showing up at the 10th week, Pae. :D

"Your baby weighs approximately 5 grams and is the size of a small plum! The baby has grown an incredible amount during these past few weeks, but you still are not showing too much yet."

Till later, I'm feeling so exhausted today even though I'm just doing the normal house chores. This is my look on 9th weeks, during Mojat's wedding at Putrajaya on 22.10.2011. Haven't put on any weight kan?kan?kan? (praying my baby to grow healthy but at the same time I'm not getting fatter) haha, what a wish :p
Congratulations to the newly wed couple, Muhaizat Hairil and his wifey, Hera Helmi. Have a prosper life ahead and May Allah bless you with lovely kids :)


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