Friday, 11 May 2012

242: Baby Stuff from IKEA

As my husband mentioned in his latest entry on his long abandoned blog :p, we had been to IKEA quite regularly for the past few months ..to buy stuff for our home (which is never ending) and for our very soon to be born baby.
It wasn't a major buy, just some whitish furniture and deco stuff for bedroom and living..and these cute little things..A set of muslin squares (RM10), a set of bibs-5 pcs (RM15) and a baby bath tub (RM19.90), all at reasonable price :)
And finally, since I found this bag is quite roomy, suffice to store all the stuff I need to bring to hospital..I grabbed one:) This is only RM19.90. 

Speaking of my hospital bag..these are the items that I've already packed inside it:
For myself:
A sarong (kain batik)
A front button T-Shirt
A set of disposable panties (5 pcs)
Maternity pads (5 pcs)
Socks (2 pairs)
Scarf (2 pairs)
Maternity dress (to wear on the day I'm going back home)
A zapper 'bengkung' (as advised by my sister)
Nursing bras
Disposable breast pad (5 pairs)
A pack of tissue
Minyak Herbanika NR
1m white cotton cloth (for placenta)
Few plastic bags (for laundry)
Phone charger
Dates (kurma) / Milo 3-in-1 for energy

For Baby:
A pack of diapers
A pack of baby wipes
Minyak Telon
Rompers (2 pairs)
Mitten + Booties (2 pairs)
Binder (2 pairs)
Hooded blanket
Muslin square (2 pcs)

Heee...I'm getting nervous now :')


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