Tuesday, 27 December 2011

217: Ben's at Publika, Solaris

Initially, we were in search of Duduk Cafe in Publika, Solaris Dutamas when we finally end up having our lunch at Ben's (which I think is a far way better choice).
This is the first time I've been inside the Publika. For the first timer, we found a bit difficulties to find our way up from the basement although we'd once been there almost 2 years ago when we had a quick breakfast meal at mamak's restaurant, Bestari which is one of the earliest restaurant that enliven the row of shops even though by then the construction was not fully completed.

What I could say is.. please keep going up the escalator until you see lots of shops even they're not yet fully opened, cause our misstep was going out to the ground floor and went outside.That's when we started to lose our direction..:p

I haven't tell on how did we suddenly plan to go to Duduk Cafe. If you are regular to 'Jalan2 Cari Makan' program on TV3, you sure have heard Duduk Cafe as advertised in their program few weeks ago. I don't know, maybe while watching it I was freaking hungry that all the food appear to be soo good and mouthwatering to me, it makes me really want to eat there. So,we thought last Saturday was just the right time to hang out that we decided to explore this eating place. 

But, never believe any news before you got to see it with your own eyes. Yes, seeing is always believing. It's not that I'm saying that the place is not good, it's just that it was out of my expectation..to rephrase that; it's not as what you saw on TV. As I flipped the menu, I became more upset as I didn't find any beef dishes that could capture my appetitte. Frustrated I am..

Apparently, this is not a sad ending story..
Thanks to Ben's for having another outlet there at Level G2, opposite San Francisco Coffee. My saviour of my growling tummy :p

Ben's Beef Cheese Burger (RM23.90) is not dissappointing. I finally have an awoseme beef meal for the day! Ezal had Wagyu Beef Pie (RM 22.90), and that was good too. To complete and balance the taste of the whole set is the salad! The best of it's kind!!
On  finding our way back to the basement car park, we stopped by at the supermarket, B.I.G Ben's Independent Grocer. Ben's is one of the company under this BIG group. I saw the same sesame bun they had for the cheese burger, also selling at Ginger Bread Man Bakery at the Supermarket ;)

Look at this fresh selling salads. They're all arranged with their roots in a pipe half-filled with water to keep them fresh all day long. And here, at the supermarket, you could also find raw Australian Wagyu Beef (tenderloin) selling at RM480 per kg..woohoo..
All in all, there are still lots of vacant shops. I think Publika is too spacious that they took quite some time to make this shopping mall occupied. 


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