Sunday, 21 October 2012

279: Going 30 on the 30th...

I turned 30 recently on 30th September. The 3rd year I celebrated my birthday as a wife and the first year as a mom. A new mom in her 30's. Maybe it's quite late for a woman to be a mom in her 30's. As compared to my sister, she became a mom when she was 25th. By 30, she already has two kids. And now, she has four in the house. Bravo!! (camane nak kejar nih?) :p

When it comes to my Birthday, it's great to have a husband who is so toughtful that he would try to arrange a Birthday dinner treat  for me for the past two consecutive years. I wish this will last for the rest of our life together =D. (Hint to dear husband )..kohkoh

But then..
I must have been very busy catching up with life that I missed to write about those meaningful event in my life.
I thought maybe I could share some pictures here, just to be sure  they won't slip through my mind when I am not be able to recall lot of things later at my older age (provided that this blog has not been shut down) :p

Birthday Dinner 2010 at Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant, Wangsa Maju.
The most unforgettable food of all that we had on the day is the white rice. Incredibly good! I never eat a plain white rice as delicious as this one! Haha.. Once the waiter opened the rice cover (they came in a pot), the aroma is sooo wangi, I tell you. Not sure what kind of rice they are using. Beras Siam kot..but of course, good things come at a price. If I'm not mistaken, white rice per 1 pax serving is around RM4.

Despite the quite pricey food, everything in this restaurant is fantastic. From the interior, the service, the ambience, the food..almost perfect!! Sangat sesuai untuk makan malam romantik mahupun makan besar dengan keluarga. Love this. 

And the Birthday Gift from hubby...

Birthday Dinner 2011.
A splendid candle light  dinner under the stars viewing the skyline of KL at PNB Darby Park. .
This one I still quite remember the dishes that we had for the night. I had Siakap 3 rasa while hubby had Jenahak Asam Pedas. Just so you know, this restaurants serves Classic Malay cuisine. Although the menu sounds so ordinary (as we usually order at TomYam Restaurant) the taste is undeniably extra-ordinary!. But again, you have to pay extra for eating on the loft and having view of Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC. This dish is about RM50++ per plate.

Crackers before the main dishes being served. Asparagus goreng belacan ..so crunchy and yummy!

And the Birthday Gift...

This year, there was no Birthday dinner, but I'm fine with that. (As long as Ezal didn't forget to wish me :p) To be the first greeted me a Happy Birthday wish, hubby woke me up in the middle of midnight with a bouquet of roses in his hand. As I opened my eyes, in the dim light of our bedroom-and still feeling drowsy, I thought hubby was handing Emir to me. Yelah kan, the bouquet silhoutte is just about Emir's size, that made me think hubby wanted me to change Emir's diaper ke apa..huhu

And the Birthday Gift..
An embroided handbag edition from Sembonia!!Woohoo =D

I'm thankful I have had such a wonderful Birthday throughout these 3 years. Hoping that this happiness will last and May Allah bless our little family..always :)
Embracing the fabulous 30's life ahead...


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