Monday, 30 April 2012

238: Anakku Sterilizer

Today I woke up earlier than my hubby..what a good way to start off my Monday wasn't it? But instead of feeling energetic, I was soo not in the mood of going to office today. Gotta keep telling myself that tomorrow is a Public Holiday, so that it feels like today is Friday, rather than feeling like today is Monday :p  
Yeayy, Happy Labour Day for that!

And yeah,  since today is more likely as 'Friday', I think it's normal to say that I find the big 'M' is already overshadowed me..haha, think it would be for the rest of today, yes.
You don't get it?..the M-A-L-A-S thingy (better be sure bosses wouldn't read my blog..mmm, I'm sure they won't) ;)
Surprisingly, I'm more in the mood of blogging now..updating my baby stuff. Hope my readers don't mind reading about stuff like this on and on and on..

Ok, what I'm going  to share today is nothing new. It's about some stuff that I bought at Anakku, The Curve outlet. No need to introduce, it's quite a well known brand, though. These were bought some time in end of March when the branch was having a Sale on some items. 

As seen in the pictures, I bought a conventional bottle sterilizer, a set of toiletries pack, baby binder and a 5 pcs baby gift set  for a boy (in blue).
I did mention in my previous post that I won't be using an electric sterilizer. Then, here it is, the cold water sterilizer. The container was bought at RM 19.95 (price after discount). These are what the set contains of:
1- sterilizer container
1- 4 oz Anakku bottle
1- 8 oz Anakku bottle
1- pack of 30 tablets sterilizing tablets

Based on the instruction, we just need to pour in tap water. Put in a sterilizing tablet and the solution could last for 24 hours (before we need to change the water). Soaked in bottles and let them at least 30 minutes to sterilize. Make sure all parts e.g bottles, teats are completely dry before use. 

For more info, be it cold water sterilizers, microwave sterilizers or electric steam sterilizers.. you could check others' opinions here.

Other than that, we bought this 5 pcs gift set for boy ..the girl's set come in pink colour..(even cuter) :')  
Can't wait to see my baby wearing that jumpsuit, and the hat..and the bib, and the vest as well..haha :p
The toiletries was bought at RM10. Great values for a set of baby talcum, shampoo, lotion and baby bath! I trust that the cost will be more than that if you buy them separately.

Last but not least, Anakku cotsheet rubber embedded with air bubbles. This one was bought at Tesco Ampang, RM20.90.
Wait..there was a story behind it..
At first we took this type of changing mat from the shelves. As we waited in the queue at the counter, a friendly lady with a 3 y.o boy in front of me sharing her experience of using the same changing mat. She advised me that the changing mat is not a good choice. The material could not last long, and baby would feel a bit hot and uncomfortable due to the materials that does not allow air to flow. She suggested me to take the rubber type indeed. 

Thanks to her! Maybe I could just extend her experience with the rest of mommies-to-be out there ;)

Enough saying for today..I'll update more if time permits :)
Enjoy your Labour Day!


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