Friday, 9 November 2012

284: Sale at Macy

Sorry guys..the moment I'm writing this, there's no longer sale happening at Macy. This is quite a backdated entry as the sale was held at Ikano Power Centre (IPC) branch few months back, on 8-15 April 2012. (Mind you, this entry was initiated when I was still carrying emir in my tummy..so help me count, for how long this one has been in my draft?:p )

But maybe I could share something here so that in their upcoming sales (which can be anytime soon.. I don't know), you already have some clue in your mind of what are the things they're usually offer during sales ;)

If you haven't follow shoppingnsales tweet, you could do it now. As they will keep you updated on whatever sales happening around. That's how I found out about the Macy sale anyway. 

Now, back to the Sale at Macy..

Ok, I need to refresh some of my memory on how did I get into this curtain shopping thingy. Wasn't i'm supposed by now doing shopping for my little one instead of buying items for our house decor?(Okay, this sentence may seems not valid anymore) We can just skip this one.

Back in my head, there are few list of things for our home and the same goes to Ezal. We didn't tell each other..not until eventually we both agreed to buy a carpet to be placed underneath dining table and curtain at this "I Love Macy" Sale.
Here are some snapshots while figuring out which one to be brought home.

A beige carpet and a ready made curtain from Crimson.
The hardest part of buying curtain is when you yourself are not very sure what is the width of your house window or sliding door panel. For my case, even I've already take measurement ..(siap draw and put dimension ala-ala lukis pelan di Autocad), I was still couldn't make decision which curtain set to buy. For instance, Macy's ready made curtain comes in 4 sets of size.It's either;
    2 panel window (140cm x 230cm)
    3 panel window (200cm x 230cm)
    2 panel door (260cm x 230cm)
    3 panel door (320cm x 230cm)

We end up buying the 3 panel door curtain though we were considering to buy the 2 panel door at first. Alhamdulillah, the curtain fit nicely to our sliding door and window panel. Maybe the 2 panel door could go as well but the drape won't turn out nicely compared to this extra width size. I tell you, the ready made curtain that we bought..was dicounted at 40%. Oh wow!! Doesn't it sounds grreat? Just to share a tip from the sales person, the fabric used for a ready made curtain is usually from a good grade..So it may considered lucky if you could find a ready made with 40% discount. That's  the highest discount they may offer for this range of curtain. By it's price, this fabric could cost at least RM60 per meter. Well, since the color also match our living room theme, purple..we grabbed it as there were only three  left in the store (for the size and colour that we want).

So, this is the crimson curtain I've been talking about. Apart from the purple feature wall, seems that it match our purplish sofa as well. Double joy! =))
Here are some handy guidelines on how to take measurement for your window curtain.
But if you are still not too sure, Macy help line is always there to help you out. Just dial their no. for assistance. They could come over to your house to take the measurement and advice you on your curtain selection.

Now, tell me tell me.. are you ready to do a makeover to your house? *wink*

The Adress:


F1, IKANO Power Centre,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel:03-7726 8100/ 8001

Website: www.macy.my


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