Tuesday, 7 August 2012

260: Buffet Ramadhan @ Taman Ekuestrian Putrajaya

Being a new mom somehow has restricted me from having iftar with my fellow colleagues or friends just like the old days. But that doesn't mean that I am upset about it. No. Indeed, I'm more than happy to have iftar at home. More quiet and less hassle despite that we have to take turn to eat to 'entertain' our little Emir. (Jangan kata makan, nak solat pun dah tak boleh nak Jemaah) Only once or twice, we could sit on the dining table together, enjoying our meal without Emir interrupting us. A fortunate event I would say..haha..

This Ramadhan brings it’s own story, which for me is quite a tough one. First, because Emir is on breastfeed, I would quickly feel dehydrated during the day after each pumping session. Nasib baik duduk dalam ofis je..air-cond ^__^ Believe it or not by noon, I've started counting on how many hours left to 'berbuka', because of feeling thirsty not really of hungry. 

Secondly, because of a bulk of sleeping hours being taken away from my sleeping chart, replaced with the new task to feed my little one, I would easily feel tired. Haih, how I miss that moment when I was still get the chance to have a good, quality night sleep..wuuwuuwuu T__T

On top of that, we have started sending Emir to nursery on the 4th of Ramadhan. So, I have to make sure his nursery's bag, his EBM stocks are all ready before I went off to sleep every midnight or most of the time is pass midnight. So when we get up for suhoor at 5am, there’s no chance of going back to sleep (macam dulu-dulu :p). My sleeping hours now is averagely 3hrs only..Oh my!

And because of Emir is still 2 months old++, we are still adjusting ourselves in parenthood. Sometimes it is so heartbreaking when Emir is crying and we don’t know what is wrong but to let him just cry T___T After he cried his heart out, he'll sleep better though..sleeping much longer, penat exercise suara jerit2 beforehand kan.kihkih..

Eh, how come this become so out of topic nih? I wanted to write about Buffet Ramadhan at Taman Ekustrian Putrajaya right? Doesn’t the title is saying so?

Here is the point of this post ..If by any chance you are still looking for a good place to have your Iftar with family or friends, be it a reunion or a small gathering, please consider this place in your list: Mangiamo Cafe, Taman Ekuestrian Putrajaya. Highly recommended for the food and facilities.
I had a yearly Iftar here since 2008. Check my previous post about it.

These are some  pictures taken last year. We are going there again on this coming Sunday (The only buffet Ramadhan for me this year) Hoping for  Emir to behave and be a good boy throughout the makan2 time. Hehe..

p/s: Eh, siapa gadis yang tengah amik makanan kat tengah2 poster ni. Nampak macam familiar je.haha..


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