Sunday, 21 August 2011

203: Qasar Saba Restaurant

These ladies next to me are my girlfriends who lives all the happy moments, sweet and sour, ups and downs towards and after the design crit sessions, WAY back then  when we once called an architecture student in Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED) , UIA Gombak. Yep we're the fourth batch in this kulliyyah. Ahhh..those moments:)
Now, they are constantly juggling between commitment to works and families, stand over the long hours spending 'after-work-precious-time' (note that those precious time are supposedly belongs to their sweethearts who waiting for them  at home)  in the office,   but somehow, eventually, made it to our iftar gathering this time at Qasar Saba Restaurant for our crave of Lamb Mandy! Thank you lovelies for coming..on top of all, thanks to Dot for the idea and start spreading the invitation in our FB inbox ;)

If  Qasar Saba Restaurant is new for you, just to share that..it is a Yemeni Arabic food restaurant located in (not so) new shop lots behind Ong Tai Kim, Jalan Gombak. I think most of UIA students are very well versed of this area. To some of the UIA campus residents,  this is one of the place where most of the students came  to shop for foods, biscuits, maggi, milo, nescafe and such, stock up for few months.

To us, this is the place where we came all the way from UIA Gombak to send our dirty clothes to the laundry. Well,  being students, you know how lazy we are to do the laundry ourselves when most of the time we have to be in the studio, dying to complete all the never-ending works and chased by the deadlines!

Talk about the past no more, here is the food that we had for the iftar: Lamb mandy (RM 19), Mullawah bread, Chicken Sheeh Tawouk (RM 15), Strawberry juice (RM8).
Those little cuties are Faiz and Aza's darlings. Pelangi Irdina and Afif. Afif was crying because he didn't want to go home while Pelangi was trying to calm him down.. :p
From left; Nor Faizah & Pelangi , Norhaslinda, Siti Normala, myself, Zamrina, Azalina Shafini & Afif. 
The ladies who were trying out hard to make it but couldn't come at the end were Afzan (due to the very last minute thing came up), kak Herna (for rushing works in the office), kak Ayu (couldn't make it as her son cought a fever on that very day..haish, what to do -_-), kak Jenny ( who is forever in Kelantan, if I were her, I won't be coming too :p), Rin  and Kak Bulan (I belive they have their own reason) and last but not least kak Imm (who are still in her confinement at Alor Setar until Eid).
Special thanks to this only man, Ijat, who came a bit later then. Without him we might not be having this great picture.
To Afzan dear, thank you so much for the reservation arrangement ;)
Qasar Saba Restaurant
No.2 Jalan Jernai,
Medan Idaman,
Setapak, 53100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 010 2814037

Business hours:
Monday -Thursday : 12.00pm- 12.00am
Friday: 2.00pm-12.00am
During Ramadan: 4.00pm- 4.00am


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