Saturday, 21 May 2011

179: A Coffee Moment @ Harrods KLCC

Since it's opening at Level 1, Suria KLCC, I've never been in it. I may just walked pass by and looking it from the outside..only the facade. Owh..thanks to Celcom, for creating a reason for me spending a whole day out at Suria KLCC. Ghee..trust me I've not been  in KLCC for about eight months ++..(to me that's long enough, though)
As mentioned earlier, the main point that drove us both to KLCC was merely to sort few things with my Celcom account. But eventually, the prime objective became less significant as we spent only around 10 minutes in Celcom shops compared to another half day goofing around in Suria KLCC..haha..(okay, recap on the before-married-life-moments)^_^

After the ten-minutes-stuff at Celcom booth, we made our way to the recently opened UNIQLO outlet at Concourse Floor. Uniqlo took over three lots;  previously were Vincci, a 'Watch Shop'-forgotten the name and KFC lots making it as huge as Marks & Spencers retail area (or..maybe slightly smaller).

To us both, the visit to Uniqlo was only a window shopping. We didn't buy anything as none of the items catched our attention..(good news to my  pocket) Haha..all you need is a very strong determination to control your shopping temptation. Fuuuhhh -_-'

I won't be telling the whole shops that we went in except for Massimo Dutti, Mango, Zara, Topshop,  British India, Brioni..oppss, did I say that I am not going to tell the shops' name? Okay.. another tricky fact, we never went into Brioni. Why on earth should we go in when we don't have 14thousand bucks in our pocket? Yep.. as what Ezal told, Brioni is amongst  the most expensive suits seller in the world. Gosh, imagine a USD 14k suits worn by Donald Trump. It IS a super-rich billionaires' choice. Gentlemen, are you ready to get a good expensive suit for yourself?  Please 'Google' for Brioni to find out  more.
Okay, let's  make the story short..after the tiring walks going in and out of boutiques, outlets and stores which most of them we didn't  buy anything, we had a coffee break at Harrods to unwind my tired legs.

Wooww..This coffee machine really caught my attention. A very classic of it's kind.
These are our sweet treat before we had our real lunch at Bumbu Desa Restaurant, Level 4 a bit later after that.  Due to the limited choice of coffee, as the others were out-of-stock we had Kenya Coffee (RM 20) and Deli Strawberry Cheese Cake (RM 19). The coffee aroma was tantalizing..I wish I could drink this kind of coffee everyday for my breakfast..that would enlighten my day, I promise;)
We were sitting at the bar counter. They actually have more seats at further back.
Harrods KLCC also selling macarons at RM16 for 5pcs (if my eyes read it right). That is RM3.20 per piece, slightly cheaper compared to RM3.60 macarons at Levain Cafe.
I'm running out of words now. Ahhh..no wonder,  it's just about time to sleep :p
Happy weekends everyone!


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